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Free Potstickers on the wall

    “What is “Potstickers on the wall?” Jake asked as he pointed to the sticky notes on the wall. It was his first time here and he just ordered 6 potstickers to go. “Those are free potstickers and were paid by other customers already.” Tiffany answered. “Really? May I use one of them today?” “You sure may, you get your 6 potstickers for free” Tiffany said with a very happy tone in her voice, and she took one note off of the wall. A few minutes later, Jake left with 6 freshly cooked potstickers in a togo box in his hand. “Hope you like the food!” Tiffany said to Jake’s back view. “I sure will and I'll be back!” Tiffany heard Jake’s reply even though the door was closed behind him already.


    It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon in September. I still remember the sunlight shining brightly through the windows, and the cloudless sky, ever so blue. We were a bit slow this afternoon, but our returning customer, Jason, was there to keep us company. He often came by a few times a month, and after finishing his usual brunch, Tiffany asked, “How was the food?”. “It was delicious, thank you. You can see that all my plates are licked clean can’t you?” he responded. “Thank you very much” Tiffany responded. His total was $13.99 but when he went up to pay he asked, “could you add 6 more potstickers to my total? I’d like to put them on the wall for someone else to use.”. “Of course” the cashier said with a smile. It pleased me to see an addition to our wall, and to see how generous the community was.




                  Monday  -  Saturday: 11:00am ~ 9:00pm
                  Sunday:                       Closed

Address:   9197 S 700 E, Sandy, UT 84070

Tel:           801-987-8620




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